A typical start with Hubbl

This is an example of a typical process. Our solution can be customized to perfectly fit your company, whether you have 50 or 50,000 employees and whether you are located in 1 or 20 different locations.
Phase 1 - Clarification

Clarifying meeting(s) before start-up

Help us to help you - the better we know your company and corporate culture, the better we can tailor our solution to your needs.

1-minute survey

Brief clarifying survey among selected employees to determine a potential match between Hubbl and your company.
Phase 2 - Get Started

Onboarding - Physical (Optional)

15-30 minute physical kick-off following one of your all-hands meetings, where we give a brief presentation on the importance of meaningful social relationships and ensure that everyone is onboarded in our intuitive app.

Onboarding - Online

Online Kick-off event for employees who were unable to participate in the physical onboarding. If your company is 'Remote-first', all onboarding can also be done online.

Onboarding - Asynchronous

For employees who are unable to participate in either the physical onboarding or the subsequent online onboarding, there will be an online guide to help them get on board smoothly. Additionally, they have the option to contact us by phone or via live chat/email and quickly get answers to any questions that may arise.

4-Week Startup Program

Customized program that ensures we create positive changes for your company with Hubbl. In the first 4 weeks, we assist employees in setting up and conducting activities across departments, so the Hubbl Magic can unfold.

Fully Integrated

Your new social platform Hubbl is now integrated into the company, and employees are comfortable using the platform, which has become a natural and value-creating part of the workday. Going forward, your company and employees will reap all the benefits of being a socially sustainable workplace.
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