The mission

Driven to create socially sustainable workplaces

Hubbl aims to create a global revolution in enhancing the social work environment. We connect employees across the company through meaningful activities. We believe that a cohesive work culture is essential to reducing loneliness, increasing well-being, and strengthening collaboration. By uniting employees around common interests and activities, we create socially sustainable workplaces where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.

Behind the scenes

Thomas Keller Carstensen

Commercial expert who deftly serves insights with the finesse of a badminton ace, unwinds with a craft beer in hand, and finds inspiration in the tranquility of spa retreats.

Rasmus Mousten Andersen

Product Designer
Digital designer with a passion for ice hockey and coffee. Creates visual masterpieces with the precision of a hockey shot and keeps creativity flowing with the power of caffeine.

Emil Sarkisi Stepanian

Software Engineer
A code wizard at work, a runner at dawn, and a reader by night. Emil translates complex narratives of programming into user-friendly solutions with the same enthusiasm as he jogs through chapters of his latest book.
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